Course Details

Detailed information regarding our courses will be published here as it becomes available.

It is worth mentioning that, as course fees include VAT at 20%, local authority budgets would only bear the nett cost, and central government funded elections and referendums (via the Cabinet Office) include provision to cover costs of “relevant training”.

Booking forms are available via the links underneath the dates and venues.

Non-members wishing to join the Association (£47.50 plus VAT) may complete and submit the online application form available via this page.

If delegates from the same Authority wish to attend the same course but on different dates/at different venues please indicate clearly on the booking form.

If you have any questions about any of the courses, please use the Training Enquiry Form.

Course booking terms and conditions

If you cannot attend, a substitute from your local authority may attend in your place, otherwise the following cancellation charges apply:

  • Less than two weeks before the event 100%.
  • Less than four weeks before the event 60%
  • More than four weeks before the event £20.

If for any reason within the control of the AEA, a course is cancelled a full refund or credit will be made.

Training Courses 


Absent Voting

To outline the steps EROs and ROs are required to take to ensure the smooth running of their absent voting process including the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

This course will cover all types of absent voting and will consider the year-round process, as well as election specific tasks.

Boundary Reviews

To provide a clear understanding of the various types of boundary reviews, the legislation surrounding them and how to successfully conduct them.

Community Governance Reviews

To explain the legislative requirements and procedures involved in conducting a community governance review (CGR) in England.

Election Accounts

To prepare attendees for the submission of timely and accurate election accounts which meet Electoral Claims Unit requirements.

Elections 2021

To focus on the key points to be considered to ensure the efficient and effective organisation of elections in May 2021.

Employment and Information Governance – Essentials

To provide straightforward explanations of the rules relating to some of the essential areas of employment and information governance that affects the work of the electoral services team.

Introduction to Electoral Services

To provide an overview of the work of Electoral Services teams including both elections and electoral registration.

Key Considerations for Returning Officers and their deputies

The aim of this course is to prepare Returning Officers and Deputy Returning Officers for the responsibilities attached to their roles.

Maintaining the Register

To outline the steps EROs are required to take to ensure they maintain a complete and accurate register, to include the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

Parish Matters

This course provides attendees with the opportunity to focus on parish matters, covering a wide range of parish topics and providing a comprehensive, practical guide.

Verification and Count 

This one-day course provides attendees with an understanding of the legal requirements governing the verification and count and provides examples of good practice to help them run it effectively.

Residential Courses

2 Day Elections

To provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of managing an election, to include the legislative framework and good practice.

2 Day Electoral Registration

To provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of electoral registration, to include the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

4 Day Electoral Administration

To provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of electoral administration including electoral registration and election management, to include the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

We have previously been asked to look to provide courses that address skills such as communications and people management and as a result have formed a partnership with Breckland Training Services (BTS).  Working with our colleagues at BTS, we have devised three training pathways for AEA members to address these training needs along with the core business of running electoral services.

Development Pathway for New/Inexperienced Electoral Administrators

This programme of courses is designed for those new to electoral services and local government. It aims to provide a good overview that enables delegates to understand the primary elements relating to electoral processes as well as helping them develop key skills for the workplace.

Leadership Development Pathway for Aspiring Electoral Services Managers

We recognise the importance of providing those who become technically competent in the delivery of electoral services the opportunity to take the next step in their career. Given the turnover of Electoral Services staff, it is important that they understand and can interpret the detailed legislation that leads to key decisions being made and how to manage individuals, relationships and teams.

Leadership Development Pathway for Aspiring Local Government Senior Managers

In the current local government landscape, we know many Electoral Services Managers are asked to take on additional responsibilities and we also understand that many have ambitions at working at a senior level. This pathway supports delegates to develop as leaders and understand the wider functions of their Council, its services and the pressures being faced in the sector.

Details on each pathway can be found here and course dates and booking arrangements are on the current page.  If you would like any further information on the new Training Pathways or any of the courses contained in the pathways please email