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Polling station staff training 2022

Ensuring polling station staff are well prepared for their complex duties is vital for all Returning Officers. With more than a decade’s experience providing presiding officer and poll clerk training, the AEA has the expertise and know-how to support you to deliver the 2022 elections.

Polling Station Staff training flyer and booking form for 2022.

The calendar below shows all the courses that have been arranged for the next few months – there is a download option so you can get your own PDF copy if you wish.  Our aim is to keep it updated on a month-by-month basis so you’ll always be able to see the courses that are available.

Detailed information will be published here as it becomes available; those for which we already have full details are included in the (alphabetical) list below, in each item of which is a link to those details, including flyers and booking forms, which are also available via the calendar.

It is worth mentioning that, as course fees include VAT at 20%, local authority budgets would only bear the nett cost, and central government funded elections and referendums (via the Cabinet Office) include provision to cover costs of “relevant training”.

Booking forms are available via the links underneath the dates and venues.

Non-members wishing to join the Association (£47.50 plus VAT) may complete and submit the online membership application form.

If delegates from the same Authority wish to attend the same course but on different dates/at different venues please indicate clearly on the booking form.

If you have any questions about any of the courses, please complete and submit the online Training Enquiry Form.

Course booking terms and conditions


If you cannot attend, a substitute from your local authority may attend in your place. Otherwise the following charges will apply:

  • Less than two weeks before the event 100%.
  • Less than four weeks before the event 60%
  • More than four weeks before the event £20.

Alternatively, if spaces are available, you can attend a different venue. To change venue, you should give at least 2 weeks’ notice otherwise charges may apply.

If for any reason a course is cancelled a full refund will be made. No payment for delegate costs that may have been incurred would be reimbursed.


Non attendees are liable for full payment of the event.  This includes face-to-face and online training.

If attendees have any concerns regarding connectivity they can email to arrange a pre course test.

Training Courses


Absent Voting

To outline the steps electoral registration officers (EROs) and returning officers (ROs) are required to take to ensure the smooth running of their absent voting process including the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

This course will cover all types of absent voting and will consider the year-round process, as well as election-specific tasks.

Boundary Reviews

To provide a clear understanding of the various types of boundary reviews, the legislation surrounding them and how to successfully carry them out.

22 October 2021 – Online – Fully Booked

12 November 2021 – Online

Boundary Reviews course flyer

Boundary Reviews course booking form

Community Governance Reviews

To explain the legislative requirements and procedures involved in conducting a community governance review (CGR) in England.

2 November 2021 – Online – Fully Booked

14 December 2021 – Online

Community Governance Reviews course flyer

Community Governance Reviews booking form

Election Accounts

To prepare delegates to submit timely and accurate election accounts which meet Electoral Claims Unit requirements.

Elections 2021

To focus on the key points to be considered to ensure the efficient and effective organisation of elections in May 2021.

Employment and Information Governance – Essentials

This course will provide straightforward explanations of the rules relating to essential areas of employment and information governance that affect the work of electoral services teams.

13 October 2021 – Online

Employment and Information Governance – Essentials course flyer

Employment and Information Governance – Essentials course booking form

Introduction to Electoral Services

To provide an overview of the work of electoral services teams, including elections and electoral registration.

16 September 2021 – Online

4 November 2021 – Online

Introduction to Electoral Services course flyer

Introduction to Electoral Services booking form

Key Considerations for Returning Officers and their deputies

This course aims to prepare Returning Officers and Deputy Returning Officers for the responsibilities of these roles.

Maintaining the Register

To outline the steps electoral registration officers (EROs) are required to take to make sure they maintain a complete and accurate register, including the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

23 September 2021 – Online

Maintaining the Register course flyer

Maintaining the Register booking form

Management Modules

To outline and reinforce the knowledge required by electoral service managers to deal with these three important topics at an advanced level: electoral law; electoral arrangements; and management and finance.

Electoral Law

Electoral Arrangements

Management and Finance 

Parish Matters

This comprehensive and practical course will allow attendees to focus on specific legislation, rules and scenarios that apply to parish councils, also called town or community councils in some areas.

29 September 2021 – Online – Fully Booked

Parish Matters course flyer

Parish Matters course booking form

Verification and Count 

This one-day course provides attendees with an understanding of the legal requirements governing the verification and count, providing examples of good practice to help you run them effectively.

Residential Courses

2 – Day Elections

To provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of managing an election, including the legislative framework and good practice

2 – Day Electoral Registration

To provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of UK electoral registration, including the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

4 – Day Electoral Administration

To provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of electoral administration including electoral registration and election management, to include the legislative framework and areas of good practice.

Vocational Courses

Building Self Resilience

Resilience is not just your ability to bounce back, but also your capacity to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances, while maintaining a stable mental wellbeing. This 3-hour virtual workshop will enable you to explore the capabilities, skills, and self-care practices that contribute to building self-resilience.

5 October 2021 – Online – 9:30 – 12:30

Building Self Resilience course flyer

Building Self Resilience course booking form

Handling difficult customers over the phone

This 3-hour virtual workshop identifies that many of us have to deal with angry or unhappy clients over the phone as part of our roles, and it’s never easy. But if we know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it, we may be able to save the situation. In fact, we can even end up with a better relationship with our client than we had before. This workshop will explore how to deal with angry or difficult customers over the phone. We’ll highlight specific tips and techniques that you can use to smooth things over, so that you can leave them feeling satisfied.

Managing and leading teams from a distance

Without the ability to see people face to face, some managers are struggling to motivate people, engage with them and inspire. Performance management monitoring is also taking a hit in some departments. This 3-hour virtual session gives managers the tools they need to make them just as effective from a distance than when they were in the same room as their teams.

Working from home effectively and productively

For some of us, working from home used to be a thing of mystery, intrigue and perceived
luxury. For some job roles, working from home was also seen as impossible! This is no
longer the case, with the vast majority of local government workforces now working from
home because of Covid-19 restrictions. Whatever happens post C-19, working from home
will become a normal practice for people in our sector. This 3-hour virtual workshop
focuses on good practice methods and hints, tips and skills that we have identified across
our sector since working from home became common practice in March 2020.