Polling Station Staff Training

The Prime Minister could call a general election at any time. Be prepared – book your polling station staff training now.

A 25-working day election timetable leaves little room for manoeuvre. Our customisable e-learning training package will give you and your election team more time to concentrate on core delivery.

Regularly updated to incorporate new electoral regulations, hundreds of councils trust our training. We trained over 40,000 staff at 134 councils for the May 2023 local elections – 58% of all polling station staff.

Reflecting sector good practice, and fully complying with legislation and Electoral Commission guidance, our training equips temporary staff with the knowledge to run polling stations correctly and confidently.


Customised to your requirements

We know every area has preferred processes and will customise the course to incorporate yours. We include council branding as standard, and many Returning Officers record their own introductory message.

Hosted on an innovative e-learning platform, our specially commissioned videos and images provide clear instruction to polling station staff about their role – whether you’re holding one type of poll, or a combination.

Interactive questions and scenarios rigorously test understanding. Essential topics from preparing to open the station to the close of poll are covered, including new voter ID and accessibility processes.

Your staff can access training at their convenience on a desktop or mobile device, learning at their own pace. They can even repeat sections and exercises as many times as they need to build their confidence. Real-time progress monitoring also allows your team to send training reminders.


Booking and prices

Join our hundreds of satisfied customers by making us your preferred choice. Our competitive pricing is available to everyone, without long-term contracts.

Bookings are already open for both the next general election and scheduled 2 May 2024 polls across England and Wales.

We will invoice you after the election for the exact number of people we train. This means if you book for both the general election and 2 May 2024 local elections, and all polls are then held on the same date, you will only pay once.

  • UK Parliamentary general election: just £10.50 per person plus a £500 setup cost.
  • 2 May 2024 local elections: lock-in a discounted price of just £8.50 per person plus a £500 setup cost if you book by 30 September 2023. From 1 October 2023 the price will increase to £10.50 per person plus a £500 setup cost.
  • Combined general election and 2 May 2024 local elections: just £10.50 per person plus a £500 setup cost.

All prices are subject to VAT.

To make your booking please fill in the form below or contact us at training@aea-elections.co.uk. We will send you a written agreement to guarantee your arrangements.


Polling Station Staff Training Booking Form


Data protection

By booking online polling station staff training, you agree that data relating to the training will be used by the AEA and its training platform (Easy Generator) to allow access to the training platform and, if necessary, to contact delegates with information regarding the training. You also commit to ensuring all necessary permissions will be sought from employees of the returning officer in line with the returning officer’s privacy notice.

Any information collected will only be used for the purpose of the training and will be destroyed 6 months after the poll.