About the AEA

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AEA Objectives

Core and strategic objectives The core objectives of the Association are to: Encourage training, education and development of experience of members and to foster the advancement of consistent and efficient administration of electoral registration and the conduct of elections; Promote the knowledge of members, providing opportunities for the exchange of views and experiences amongst members […]

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History of the Association

Until 1987, contact between officers responsible for organising elections and electoral registration in the UK was minimal; it took place either within county groups on the occasion of county council elections, or the organisation of referenda or some other special reason for bringing like-minded people together. The only other occasions that electoral administrators met was […]

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Joining the AEA

You can complete the membership application form online. You should read the membership terms and conditions before completing and submitting this form. Membership of the Association has grown steadily since its inception. It has members in almost every local authority in England, Scotland and Wales and has members from the Northern Ireland Electoral Office, the […]

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Management of the Association

The Association is managed through its Board, consisting of the Chair, Deputy Chair and Immediate Past Chair of the Association, together with appointed representatives from each of the Association’s eleven Regional Branches. Day to day management of the Association’s affairs is undertaken by the Management Team, consisting of the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Director […]

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National Officers

The Association is managed by the officers of the Association, headed by the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive is supported by the Deputy Chief Executive, one Executive Director and a number of other appointed officers. Providing ex-officio support to the appointed officers are the elected officers – Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Immediate Past Chairman. The […]

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Regional Branches

There are eleven regional branches of the Association covering the United Kingdom. They meet three or four times a year and give their Members the opportunity to discuss matters relating to the conduct of elections and electoral registration as well as the internal workings of the Association. A map of the Branch areas is shown […]

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