Management of the Association

The Association is managed through its Board, consisting of the Chair, Deputy Chair and Immediate Past Chair of the Association, together with appointed representatives from each of the Association’s eleven Regional Branches.

Day to day management of the Association’s affairs is undertaken by the Management Team, consisting of the Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive, Executive Director with the Chair, Deputy Chair and Immediate Past Chair as ex-officio Members.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held during its Annual Conference and is the Association’s policy making body. The AGM has the authority to make changes to the Articles of Association which is the document that details how the Association is managed and other matters related to membership categories and the election of national officers. Read the AEA Memorandum and Articles of Association 2021.

Elected Officers

The Chair, Deputy Chair and Immediate Past Chair are elected officers. The office of Chair is only held for one year and the Deputy Chair then succeeds to the office of Chair. The Chair then becomes the Immediate Past Chair for a period of one year.

As the Deputy Chair automatically succeeds the Chair, elections are held annually only for the office of Deputy Chair. As mentioned above, the Chair, Deputy Chair and Immediate Past Chair are ex-officio members of the Management Team.

The Deputy Chair holds a key and varied role within the management of the Association. The person elected will effectively serve a three year term of office so it is quite a commitment. Read about the role of Deputy Chair.