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Youthquake – a reply to our critics

In the wake of the release of the 2017 BES face-to-face data, and our analysis that showed no evidence of a surge in youth turnout at the 2017 election, some commentators have challenged our findings.   The key message of our original article (published on BBC online and also as a working paper here) was simply that the best […]

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Online voting didn’t boost turnout in NHS elections

Richard Berry wrote in 2016 about the use of online voting in the NHS Foundation Trust elections where the public got to vote for who ran local hospitals. The minimal impact on turnout (which doesn’t look to be statistically significant) matches the experience in the UK trials pre-2010 when online voting was tested at council elections. Then too […]

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Doubts over turnout figures could have serious implications

Turnout is a vital measure for understanding our relationship with politics, whether it be low or high. If  people do not vote, it tells us they are being failed by politics.  If people do vote in large numbers, then it can be argued the Government which emerges after an election has a much stronger mandate to run the country as it sees fit. Given its importance, a new paper from a team of academics at the […]

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