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Somaliland: First in world to use iris scanner technology to stem voter fraud

Somaliland, a semi-autonomous region of Somalia, was the guinea pig for iris-recognition technology at a presidential poll, according to election spokesman Saed Ali Muse. The self-declared sovereign state became the first in the world to use the scanners, which is the world’s most sophisticated voting register. Somaliland’s implementation of iris recognition devices follow incidents involving duplication of […]

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Jeremy Corbyn gives job as campaign chief to Left-winger guilty of voter fraud

Jeremy Corbyn has handed a job in his parliamentary office to a Left-winger who admitted in court that she registered scores of fake voters. Marsha-Jane Thompson has a criminal conviction for fraud after submitting 100 voter registration forms that she filled in herself, complete with forged signatures. Now the Momentum campaigner has a parliamentary security pass and […]

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