October 2022: Comment on Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee report on the work of the Electoral Commission

As today’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee (PACAC) report and our evidence to them states, we believe the Electoral Commission’s statutory work on how to run elections is very effective. It provides excellent guidance, supporting resources and good practice for Returning Officers and electoral administrators.

In our 2021 report, ‘Blueprint for a Modern Electoral Landscape’, we called for a single Electoral Administration Act to modernise core processes while reflecting the divergent approach of all four UK nations. We are pleased to see today’s report so strongly recommend the UK Government lay out plans for the rationalisation of electoral law, working with devolved governments to develop a coordinated approach to elections.

Like the Committee, we welcomed the UK Government’s decision to implement the Elections Act 2022 in stages. However, as highlighted in our Ministerial letter of 29 September, the electoral community remains deeply concerned about tight timescales for introducing Voter ID in May 2023, and successful delivery of the other elements of the Act.

The Electoral Commission’s work is vital to make sure the Elections Act is successfully implemented. We look forward to continuing our close relationship with them, as the electoral community works together to introduce not only the Elections Act, but also new parliamentary boundaries and other emerging electoral reform across the UK.