Advertising Electoral Supplies & Services

Communication with members

Every week, via its newsletter, the Association’s communications team provide our 1800+ members with the latest news and information about what’s going on in the world of electoral services. Every single member receives a personalised e-mail as soon as the newsletter is published.

Once a month, the Association’s flagship ARENA magazine provides members with a more in depth look at what is going on with events, local authorities, government and our electoral partners. As is the case with the newsletter, every member is individually notified of the magazine’s publication. It should be pointed out that a newsletter is not produced in the week that the monthly ARENA is published but all newsletter material is combined with the magazine.

In addition, news updates are published on the website on a daily basis and the site is packed with guidance and other informative material to assist our members in their work.

Advertising opportunities

The Association’s website is a great way of advertising to anyone who accesses both the members’ and public areas of the site; the newsletter can carry advertisements, as can ARENA, and we can also send advertising features to each individual AEA member.

An organisation providing supplies and services to those engaged in the administration of elections and electoral registration can arrange to have its own web page in the site’s public area, containing information about their products and services with relevant contact details. Those taking up this option will also have a banner advertisement/logo displayed on the members’ home page. See below for a list of companies who have already taken advantage of this form of promotional advertising; each one is a link to their page:-

Table of advertising charges

 Single advert in ARENA  £366
 4 adverts in ARENA  £1,311 (£327.75 each)
 6 adverts in ARENA  £1,782 (£297 each)
 12 adverts in ARENA  £3,195 (£266.25 each)
 Supplier page on the AEA website plus banner advert on  members’  home page (12-month  period)  £922
 Advertising feature sent to all AEA members by e-mail  (single  communication)  £366
 Single advert in weekly newsletter  £366

Please be aware that the submission of an order for any form of advertising does not guarantee its implementation and the AEA reserves the right to decide not to publish or circulate any material submitted in support of it.

Files containing all advertising material can be uploaded during completion of the online order form but please ensure that advertisements for inclusion exclusively in the weekly newsletter (not the combined newsletter/ARENA) are uploaded via the form, or sent by e-mail to the Website Manager by no later than 12 noon on the Monday of the week in which the newsletter is published.

Individual e-mail distribution of advertising features to all AEA members can be undertaken on any date of your choosing; these can also be uploaded via the form or sent to the Website Manager but please submit them at least two working days before the e-mail distribution takes place. Click here for an example of a previously distributed feature containing a few graphics and here for a version of the same one with just a couple of small images.

Click HERE for a detailed specification of the material/information to be provided to us when placing an order. The online order form is HERE. Using this form will ensure a speedy response to your request. However, in the event that you experience any difficulty with the online form, you can download an Excel version HERE and send it by email. 

Publication dates and copy deadlines for ARENA magazine

These may be subject to change depending upon circumstances at the time, but, if this should prove necessary, adequate notice would be given

 Issue  Publication date  Copy required by
  November 2018   7 November 2018   31 October 2018
  December 2018   5 December 2018   28 November 2018
  January 2019   2 January 2019   26 December 2018
  February 2019   6 February 2019   30 January 2018


If, after having read all of the above, you want further details or would like to discuss any aspect of advertising through the AEA, please e-mail our Commercial Director, Bill Crawford OBE, at or telephone him on 07809 556354.

Order form for advertising

If you want to take up any of the above advertising options, complete the order form below (please note that all starred fields are required):

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