BBC Livestream example from May

This is the composite shot from the May polls showing what the livestream pilot looked like, as supplied by the BBC. You’ll see some are very wide-angled while others are fairly close to the counting, presumably due to some counts being smaller in May.

If you do allow the livestream, it is worth asking your communications team to factor it in to their planning and check in advance where you are happy for a camera to be set up. As the livestream will be via an iPhone on a tripod, your communications team should be able to assemble a similar set-up for testing purposes. You can then agree in advance where you will allow the BBC to set their tripod up.

As part of your general count information, we would advise you to tell everyone working or attending the count in advance that a BBC livestream will be part of the accredited and pre-agreed media coverage of the night.

Your communications team should also be able to supply notices to display at your count that state filming/photography/livestreaming agreed in advance with accredited media outlets will be taking place. Examples of these kind of notices can be found here and here and the version we use at AEA events which includes more details can be also be downloaded. 

If anyone contacts you concerned that they do not want to be in shot of any media coverage, you may want to advise them to keep to a particular part of the count floor. You may also want to consider a simple sticker system, so anyone who identifies themselves as not wanting to be filmed/photographed can wear one and be easily identified by your communications team and the media to be left out of shot.