2024 General Election close of polls statement

Feedback from our members is polling day has run smoothly. We wish them all the best for the counts ahead.

Returning Officers, election teams and suppliers have run a six-month project in just six weeks, and their tireless dedication deserves recognition.

Election teams in England and Wales had a scant three weeks between May polls and this election being called. In Scotland, one constituency aside, this was their first experience of voter ID.

The electoral timetable overlapped with school holidays in Scotland and Northern Ireland – with record postal votes numbers in Northern Ireland at a general election, approximately 70 percent more than in 2019.

When it comes to reported issues with postal votes, once the data is in and evaluated, we’ll work together as an electoral community to properly consider these polls and what needs to change for the future.

Anecdotally, we are concerned about an apparent rise in unacceptable behaviour towards electoral administrators at this election. Frustration with the limitations of our electoral system shouldn’t result in abuse towards the people running the polls.

We’ll continue to work with our members, the wider electoral community, Electoral Commission and UK Government to safeguard and improve how elections run for voters, candidates and everyone involved in delivering them.