Who we are and what we’ve done so far

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The Association was founded in 1987 and has since made rapid progress in establishing itself as a professional body to represent the interests of electoral administrators in the United Kingdom; the Association now has some 1,850 members and its core membership is made up of Electoral Administrators in the United Kingdom. Compared to many other local government professional organisations, the Association has a high number of members. In view of the level of membership among electoral administrators, it is unlikely that the number of members will vary greatly in the future. There may be some scope for recruitment from organisations outside of local government involved with elections and registration but it is limited.

The initial work of the Association was concentrated on training and making representations about electoral issues. The Association is now involved in a wide range of activities – training continues to be at the core, the qualifications are now recognised nationally and demand for consultancy and professional services work continues at a high level.

The Association is represented on numerous bodies and is involved with many other organisations in the electoral field. Its members have a high profile in UK electoral activity and the AEA has established good working relationships with other key stakeholders in the field, including the Government, Parliament, the Electoral Commission and the Law Commission.

Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Association are:

  1. To encourage training and education of, and, more generally, the development of experience in, members and to foster the advancement of consistent and efficient administration of electoral registration and the conduct of elections.
  1. To promote the knowledge in members by the provision of opportunities for the exchange of views and experiences among members of the Association and with others.
  1. To disseminate information and advice on all aspects of electoral registration and the conduct of elections to members and others.
  1. To provide commercial and other services, facilities and assistance, to bodies with objects consistent with those of the Association including without limitation, the organisation of seminars, training courses and conferences and the publication of written materials, for or of interest to the members of such body or bodies and all other persons interested or concerned in the administration of electoral registration and the conduct of elections.
  1. To undertake by invitation any work whatsoever, or to offer any facilities or advice in connection with the organisation, administration and oversight of elections, electoral registration and any related activities within or outside of the United Kingdom.

Organisation of the Association

The Association’s organisational arrangements are described below.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association is normally held at the Annual Conference. The Annual General Meeting is the Association’s supreme policy making body.


The elected officers of the Association are the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Immediate Past Chairman. The Management Team consists of the Chief Executive and two Executive Directors. The Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Immediate Past Chairman are ex-officio members of the Management Team.

The Deputy Chairman is elected annually by ballot and succeeds the Chairman at the end of that year. The Immediate Past Chairman serves for a further year after his/her term of office as Chairman comes to an end. The elected officers and the Management Team are supported by a number of appointed officer posts.


The Association operates through a branch structure with eleven branches covering the United Kingdom. Branches meet three or four times a year and give members the opportunity to discuss matters relating to the conduct of elections and electoral registration as well as the internal workings of the Association. They also organise training activities for members.
Association Business

The Association conducts its business through its Board which meets four times a year and consists of the Officers of the Association, members of the Management Team and appointed representatives from each of the Branches. Its members are also the directors of the limited company. The day to day management of the Association is the responsibility of the Management Team.

Administrative Support

Administrative support to the Management Team is provided largely by Support Services Officer posts and by a contractual arrangement with Sunderland City Council providing most back office functions.

Further Information

To get a flavour of what we do and how we do it, you may want to take a look at our last Annual Report which can be found here.

Other information about us and our wide range of activities and current services can be found on this website; click here for the Home page.

Advert               Who we are and what we’ve done so far                  The offer             How To Apply