Parish Matters 2015 – one-day course

Providing a practical guide to parish matters in England

This one-day course is intended to provide electoral administrators with a comprehensive guide to dealing with parish areas, parish meetings, parish councils and parish elections. It addresses a whole host of often-obscure questions on parish matters that tend to land on the electoral administrator’s desk, such as:

  • What to do when a community governance review petition is received?
  • How to keep a review lawful and within good practice?
  • How do parish elections vary to other elections?
  • What are the candidates’ qualifications at parish council elections?
  • What happens at an ordinary election where the parish council is not quorate?
  • What are the triggers to and the procedures to follow with regard to a casual vacancy on a parish council?
  • What is best practice with regard to co-options onto parish councils?
  • Can a parish meeting call for a poll to be held in response to a question on the EU constitution?
  • How are parish polls organised and delivered?

All attendees will receive their own invaluable (updated) reference manual for future use!

This course will be held at Camden Town Hall on 29th June 2015. Click here for the flyer and here for the booking form.