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No, no, no, no, no, no, no…yes?

Democracy Club – We’ve got voter ID information up on our polling station finder, we’re excited about SoPN parties next week (join us!) and we’re pondering the limits of civic tech…

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Mid Sussex Voter ID Trial tries to fix a problem that doesn’t exist

Mid-Sussex Liberal Democrats: For the first time ever, Mid Sussex residents will have to produce their polling cards or a verifiable ID at polling stations to cast their vote. Mid Sussex has volunteered to take part in a pilot scheme which, if successful, could see this scheme rolled out across mainland UK. The move follows […]

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Photo ID Implementation in Missouri Counties

Electoral Management: Voter ID has been a controversial policy in the US for many years.  Joseph Anthony and David C. Kimball’s study, presented at the Electoral Management Boston workshop, looked at the implementation in Missouri.

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