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Minister questioned on electoral intimidation and voter ID

Parliament.uk: The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee holds an evidence session with Chloe Smith MP. In this session, the Committee seeks to scrutinise the Government’s recent proposals on tackling intimidation at elections, and to trial requirements for voters to prove their identity at polling stations.

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In defence of voter ID

LocalGov: The morning of 3 May was just like any other sunny election morning. Doing the rounds from one polling station to the next, I witnessed a familiar scene. The same campaign wearied candidates returning from their dawn raids; the returning officers, chirpy and helpful as ever, and more than the occasional voter taking the obligatory […]

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Voter ID in perspective

This year, five councils ran Voter ID pilots designed to crack down on voter fraud – in this case impersonation, where someone votes pretending to be someone else. None of these five pilot areas had seen an allegation of impersonation in the previous decade. Jo Miller, Chief Executive of Doncaster MBC and President of SOLACE, […]

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