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USA – How Government Officials Delivered a Disaster-Free Election

Governing – The 2020 general election was an epic test of election official fortitude. Added to the usual complexities of planning and executing a national election was responsibility for the very lives of voters during a pandemic that has claimed twice as many American lives as two years of fighting in World War I.

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USA – Audits vs. Recounts: What’s the Difference?

Verified Voting – An audit is a routine part of the post-election process designed to ensure systems worked as expected. A recount is performed in response to something that may have happened in a specific contest, such as a very close margin, and could be initiated automatically by statute or requested by candidates, voters, election officials, or interested parties. […]

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Call for Papers: The Legacy of Trump and Trumpism

Toby S. James – The Trump presidency has been one of the most eventful and controversial in American history, with consequences for the governance and policy of the United States and beyond.   His time in office saw claims that the democratic norms were being undermined, the spread of Covid-19, and a changed approach in US […]

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