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Boundary changes are not the answer to creating more fairness in our political system

The latest proposals for boundary changes were published on Tuesday. Constituency boundaries are not a trivial concern, particularly when there is the opportunity for gerrymandering, and it’s important for there to be an independent body making recommendations for changes as constituency populations change – as the Boundary Commission has done. But hailing boundary changes as […]

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Ministers urged to ditch plans to cut number of MPs by 50

A new map of MPs’ constituencies produced by the boundary commissions for England, Scotland and Wales would boost the Conservative party’s chances of winning an election and do away with Jeremy Corbyn’s north London constituency seat. Labour and the Liberal Democrats have called on ministers to abandon plans to cut the number of MPs from 650 to […]

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2018 Boundary Review Revised Proposals published

The Boundary Commission for England (BCE) today publishes proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries as it opens its third and final consultation. Following a decision by Parliament to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK to 600 from 650, and to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is equal, the BCE […]

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