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Citizens’ Juries could become the core of a revived local democracy

Electoral Reform Society: Deliberative forms of democracy are certainly coming into fashion. From the Irish Citizens’ Assembly that led to the historic repeal of their constitutional ban of abortion, to that which informed the Health and Social Care Committee’s recent report on future funding options, the government is looking to citizens to solve otherwise intractable issues.

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Five New Year’s resolutions ministers should be signing up to

Electoral Reform Society: If 2018 has shown us anything, it’s that the debates over the state of our democracy are as crucial as ever. From the Cambridge Analytica scandal to the controversial ID trials at the local elections, the question of how the voices of voters are heard, used and interpreted by the powerful has been […]

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Three things we learnt at Lib Dem Conference

Electoral Reform Society: After spending a long weekend at Liberal Democrat conference, I can confirm that EU berets are firmly in fashion, you should never mention the M (moderate) word in their company and there is nothing they like better than a sing along. Here are the three other things we’ve learned at Liberal Democrat Conference.

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