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‘Cracks’ starting to show in electoral system

Municipal Journal: Election administrators have warned of ‘cracks’ beginning to show in the electoral system with the prospect of another poll on the horizon. The Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) today said there was an ‘unrealistic expectation that elections will always be delivered’ regardless of the pressures officers faced.

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The One With Some Breathing Space

Democracy Club – A week’s a long time in Thursdayblogs. It now looks like we’re (probably…) not going to get an election in October after all… but maybe November? Or maybe they’ll hang on til next May? Who knows? All we can do is Be Prepared… and that’s what we’re up to this week.

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Events, dear blog, events

Democracy Club – Under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act, an election can only be summoned via this bell, which must be struck thrice at midnight on the night of a new moon

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