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Celebrating Black history month

Electoral Commission blog by Mark Nyack, Senior Communications Officer (Public Information): Often the immeasurable contributions made by black and ethnic minority people to academia, research, art, music, politics and technology are overlooked. Black history is part of all our histories but it has sometimes been denied a place in our cultural awareness.

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The limits of transparency in Northern Ireland

Electoral Commission blog: Transparency is a guiding principle for us at the Electoral Commission. We believe voters should be able to see and understand how political parties and campaigners are funded; how they spend their money; and who they target with campaign materials.

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How democratic is the UK’s basic constitutional law?

Democratic Audit UK: The foundations of any liberal democracy lie with its constitutional arrangements, the key means by which the powers of the state are specified, distributed across different institutions and regulated. Constitutions set out how the state is structured, what its major institutions are, and what basic principles govern their relations with each other […]

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