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How democratic is the UK’s basic constitutional law?

Democratic Audit UK: The foundations of any liberal democracy lie with its constitutional arrangements, the key means by which the powers of the state are specified, distributed across different institutions and regulated. Constitutions set out how the state is structured, what its major institutions are, and what basic principles govern their relations with each other […]

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Do party leaflets and canvass visits increase voter turnout?

Democratic Audit UK: Experiments in the US consistently find that Get Out The Vote campaigns boost participation at election time. Is the same true for Britain? Using a field experiment carried out in cooperation with the Liberal Democrats in May 2017, Joshua Townsley finds that leaflets and canvass visits did boost turnout, but that postal voters were unaffected by […]

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Disability: Politics

Cabinet Office written question, asking the Minister for the Cabinet Office, what data his Department holds on trends in the level of (a) political participation and (b) civic engagement by disabled people.

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