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First use of the Recall of MPs Act: A tough test in North Antrim

Hansard Society: The first use of the Recall of MPs Act 2015 proved a damp squib, with not enough local electors signing the petition to trigger a by-election. This outcome reflected a mixture of challenging local factors in North Antrim and some broader shortcomings that might generate changes for any future use of the Act.

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Three months to go!

Democracy Club: We’re commencing the descent into Thursday 2 May 2019. Thirty million potential voters. An estimated 20,000 candidates. 250 local authorities. Let’s do this!

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Candidates: Disability

They Work For You – The EnAble Fund for Elected Office is an interim fund primarily for the forthcoming local elections in May. It is available until March 2020 or until its total of £250,000 is exhausted, whichever is sooner.

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