Reports, policies and issues papers

AEA Reports

AEA post election statement: The 2019 UK Parliamentary General Election – delivered on time for Christmas – 5 February 2020

“The Electoral Landscape in 2019” – an AEA position statement – 16 September 2019

The administration of the referendums and elections across the UK in 2011

Beyond 2010: the future of electoral administration in the UK

Official post election report May 2007 elections

AEA policies and issues papers

10 October 2019AEA Policy Positions

9 October 2019 – AEA policy paper: fees for the sale of the electoral register

Designing and implementing a shared electoral service

Combination of polls on 5 May 2011 and possible postponement of the polls at the parish/town council elections in England in 2011

Counting Arrangements for the General Election in 2010 (Thursday v Friday)

Other Reports

Electoral Law – Joint Report of the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission:

A Parliament that works for Wales – Report of the Expert Panel on Assembly Electoral Reform     – Executive Summary

Government response to reports on May 2016 PCC and GLA elections

Law Commissions: Electoral Law – an Interim Report

Summary of the above report

Devolution: the next five years and beyond (Parliamentary publication)

Electoral Commission report setting out proposals for a proof of identity scheme for polling station voters in Great Britain

Transcript of the Westminster Hall Debate (on 9 December 2015) on Electoral Integrity and Absent Votes

The Constitution Society: “Electoral Collision Course? -The Boundaries and the Register After May 2015”

Electoral Commission report on the administration of the 7 May 2015 elections, including the UK Parliamentary general election

Electoral Commission report: Assessment of the performance of Returning Officers at the May 2015 polls

Electoral Commission report: The Hidden Costs of Electoral Law

Electoral Commission report: Assessment of progress with the transition to Individual Electoral Registration – May 2015 electoral registers in Great Britain

OSCE/ODIHR report on the UK Parliamentary Election 2015