Policy & Reporting

AEA policy positions and reports

AEA policy position statements AEA policy positions (overarching) AEA policy position: polling districts and polling places AEA policy position: the use of schools as polling places AEA policy position: registration funding AEA policy position: fees for the sale of the electoral register AEA policy position: statement on Sir Eric Pickles’ review and recommendations on electoral […]

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AEA press releases and communications

July 2020 – AEA statement on the House of Lords Select Committee on the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 report “An electoral system fit for today? More to be done.” March 2020 – AEA statement in response to the Law Commission’s final report on electoral law February 2020 – Letter from the AEA to […]

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AEA responses to consultations

July 2020 – AEA Response to the Welsh Parliament Committee on Senedd Electoral Reform – request for written evidence July 2020 – AEA Response to the consultation on the draft Senedd Cymru (Disqualification) Order 2020 April 2020 – AEA response to the UK Parliament Constitution Committee’s call for evidence on The Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 […]

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