Democracy Counts

Contact name: Grant Hazell

Company address:
Unit 2
Forrest Way
Cheshire  WA5 1DF

Phone number: 01925 320888

Democracy Counts recognises that the democratic process is crucial to our way of life. We will provide high quality niche products and services that save time, and cost, whilst increasing both security and transparency to our clients’ business process.

Democracy Counts is a business that truly understands the end to end business processes that affect the Democratic and Elections Cycle. Consequently, our products and solutions are aimed at driving efficiencies in the processes through continuous improvement, whist providing fully audited management information, and subsequent security. We will leverage the experience of our clients and our staff in order to provide excellence in Customer Service and innovative development in order to achieve our aspirations of ‘World Class’ status.”

We provide professional electoral services and state of the art electoral management software to UK Local Authorities and UK Central Government as well as managed referendums and ballot services to public, private and community organisations.

​We have the systems, processes, breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a “closed loop” solution to support you through the election cycle. We already provide both print and mail production of election stationery as well as election management and postal vote software to UK local authorities, NHS Trusts and Private business.

​Our Elector Centre suite of products, the software underpinning our electoral services, has been developed using market leading technology. They are modular, scaleable and fully integrated, providing the most extensive range of democratic software solutions available in the world.