National One Day Seminar 2018 – “Beyond the Boundaries”

Some pictures from the day:

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The capacity of electoral administrators over the last few years seems to be limitless, but has the time come to question whether, in light of many changes impacting the profession, we are Beyond the Boundaries?

The 2018 AEA National One Day Seminar will give members the opportunity to consider the changes that are facing us and how we ensure we are best placed to meet them.

The agenda will include –

  • a 90-minute workshop on boundaries and the importance of understanding the impact one review can have on revisions of other boundaries
  • the General Data Protection Regulation is now in place, but good practice is still emerging. Seminar 2018 will use breakout groups to build on existing guidance to allow members to leave Nottingham with a more detailed understanding of the complex requirements
  • election fees and charges are an area of continued challenge for both ROs and the Government. The Cabinet Office (CO) and Elections Claims Unit (ECU) will be at Seminar to discuss the funding review and how the ECU process claims
  • an update from the CO on the final proposals they have submitted for permanent registration change and how the views of electoral administrators shaped their thinking
  • the Minister has been invited to speak to provide delegates with an update on the Government’s agenda for further change in electoral services
  • a look at options to manage duplicates, including technological solutions being used in Hackney and other ways the issue of duplicates can be handled

There will also be plenty of opportunity to talk with suppliers and network with colleagues from around the country.

This is how the exhibition area will be laid out: