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Seven things you need to know about the local elections

Blink and you’ll miss the coverage, but local elections are happening on Thursday 3 May in England. A lot has changed since these seats were last contested, in 2014. We had the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition government, Ed Miliband as Labour leader, and the EU referendum was years away. Read more…

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Local elections 2018: Decision time on local services

On 3 May voters will head for the polling stations in the first test of public opinion since last year’s general election. And with the two major parties further apart politically than for some decades the battle looks likely to be one of the liveliest in recent times. Read more…

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On the ballot: how electoral procedures shape the work of Members of the Scottish Parliament

The electoral system by which members of parliament are elected shapes how legislators perceive their roles. Furthermore, write David C.W. Parker and Caitlyn M. Richter, in the case of the Scottish Parliament, both the electoral system and the change implemented prior to the 2007 election, whereby candidate names were removed from party-list ballots, have an impact on how Members […]

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