Application to Register for the AEA Certificate (Scotland)

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  • Personal Details

  • Academic Qualifications

    (Please give dates, levels/grades, awarding body)
  • Current Employment

  • Eligibility

  • A candidate is not able to register for the Certificate unless he/she can either demonstrate a minimum of three years' work experience in either electoral registration or elections administration or can make a case to be exempted from the above requirement. Please tick the appropriate box below to indicate which of these two options apply to you.
    Please tick one box only and, if you have ticked the 3 years experience box, provide the relevant information in the next section, headed 'Previous Job Experience'.
  • List your previous posts in electoral registration/elections in chronological order starting with the most recent (prior to your present post). Please list Authority, Job Title, Dates and Main Duties for each post
  • Please detail in the relevant boxes below any areas of the syllabus in either module where you have NO relevant work experience:
  • Fees

  • £ 0.00
  • Authority Supporter

  • Statement by Applicant

  • I certify that the information given in this application is true. I confirm that I have read the Rules relating to the Qualification and that I understand that I am responsible for:

    (a) compliance with the Rules;
    (b) preparing for the Qualification under my own arrangements;
    (c) undertaking such preparation and study which is required;
    (d) being and remaining a member of the AEA.

    I also confirm that I have the support of my Authority to undertake this Qualification. I have provided the details of my Authority supporter above.

    I hereby apply to register for the Certificate in Electoral Administration.

  • Notes to Applicant

  • 1. You will be invoiced for the course elements that you have indicated above. This must include at least the registration fee. All fees are subject to VAT
    2. This form must be submitted by no later than 1st September
    3. If you have any queries about the completion of this form, please email