November 2019

Navigating the rules of purdah

LocalGov: Election periods are difficult for journalists. Not for reporters covering the campaign, whose main problem is dealing with the amount of comment, speculation and verbal abuse flowing from the mouths of politicians.

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General election 2019: a different contest in Scotland

Democratic Audit UK: Ahead of the Westminster election on 12 December, James Mitchell explains how party competition in Scotland is shaped by interrelated questions of policy, competence, independence and Brexit, which for short-term tactical reasons places the Tories and SNP in direct competition, and squeezes Labour and the Lib Dems, while most likely leaving longer term issues […]

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Out now: Comparative Electoral Management

Toby S.James – The book aims to focus attention on the much understudied area of the implementation of elections. Electoral law is made in Parliament for the most part, but little is often said about running elections.

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