January 2019

Elections: Digital Technology

They Work for you – To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, whether the subject of imprints for digital electoral material was discussed in meetings the Minister for the Consitution had with Facebook and Google on electoral reform in September 2018.

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Turnout: 2017 General Election

Turnout: 2017 General Election – Although the overall turnout of the 2017 General Election was 68.7% (up from 66.2% in 2015), the turnout in individual constituencies varied from 53% to 79.5%. Use the interactive tool below to see which constituencies had the lowest turnout.

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Turnout: 2018 Local Elections in London

Turnout: 2018 Local Elections in London – Turnout for the Local Elections is unfortunately often significantly lower than it is in General Elections, yet their effect on citizens’ and communities’ everyday lives is sometimes more visible.

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