November 2018

Local Government Elections after Brexit

TheyWorkForYou: Cabinet Office written question to ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office, whether EU citizens will be eligible to (a) stand as candidates and (b) vote in local government elections in England and Wales in 2019 in the event that the UK leaves the EU (i) with and (ii) without a deal.

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Are UK elections conducted with integrity, with sufficient turnout?

LSE Press: Across the world, there are many countries where elections take place but are rigged by governments or unfairly conducted. And even in core liberal democracies (like the United States) political parties have now become deeply involved in gerrymandering constituencies and partisan efforts at ‘voter suppression’. Toby S James looks at how well elections are […]

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Overseas Electors Bill

TheyWorkForYou: Read this (quite interesting) recent debate in a Public Bill Committee on the Bill’s extent, commencement and short title. .

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